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You van learn techniques in visualization so that you can imagine the keyboard and tell the exact location of the notes. The keyboards Map is the so-called Grand Staff and you can interpret this easily if you know all the notes. If you can immediately identify a piano note, then you will understand the chord lessons easily.

For instance, youre playing the first seven tab notes. This is the C-major scale and youre playing the notes CDEFGAB. As you go through your lessons, you will know about the other scales and their respective notes. You have to memorize all the notes on the keyboard to effectively play the piano. But of course, you will learn to play the simpler notes first. Once youve mastered the simple notes, you can go to much more difficult notes. Remember, you should not forget about the notes that you have already learned because you will be using them when playing advanced piano music.

If you simply want to be at your piano and play the simplest piano music, all you have to learn is at least two keys for each scale. Suppose youre playing the major chord C. The notes on this scale include C, E, and G. You can always play these notes simultaneously and you can already create the simplest piano music. But if you want to learn to play the advanced piano pieces, memorize and know all the notes by heart. Soon enough, you can play the piano like the experts.

So you see, learning each piano note is not a game. It is a difficult task especially for those who have memorization problems. Try to create a piano picture inside your mind and tell the note of each key. Do this everyday for a couple of minutes. Dont stop until youve memorized the last key note. Retain the piano picture inside your mind because this will be of very good use to you in the future.

Learn piano notes at an early stage, as soon as you start your piano lessons. This way, you can learn the chords much easier. Playing the piano is fun but you have to be patient.