Learn How to Read Music; An Enriching Experience

How many times do you wish that you could learn to read a score? You’re sat there listening to a tune and get an overwhelming desire to have a go and see if you could play it. You have a violin that was passed down through the generations and so you take it out and decide to have a play. On the internet there are loads of free sites where you can pick a tune and download it for you to learn. So you do that and get ready to play when you realise you do not have the faintest idea what you are being told to do. It is full of lines and symbols but none of them relate to anything you have ever seen before. Demoralized, you put the violin away, wishing you could learn how to read music.

Trying to play an instrument seems to be way too hard.

Yet, it really is not that difficult to done when you have a good method. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow these rules.

Try to turn it into a bit of a word game. Humans in general find it much easier to learn when you are given qualitative details; that is, words to play around with. If, instead of seeing the scales as lines, try and denote each line the correct note (A to G) and write yourself a mnemonic. That way, whenever you are stuck with which note you are supposed to be playing you can think of the mnemonic and have an idea as to which note it is supposed to be.

Sometimes, we just can’t learn when we are trying to use words.

If you have a good musical ear then you should be able to register notes that you hear with notes that you see on the sheet. Visit a free audio or video site and load up the tune you are trying to play. Have the score with you and, as the tune progresses, listen to it and follow the notes on the sheet. That way, you can work out what each note sounds like and it becomes much easier to register the notes on the page with the notes you are playing.

The key, however, is to practice a lot. Nobody can learn how to read music perfectly every night; it takes a lot of time and dedication to be able to perfect. However, it is time and effort well spent!


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  1. Elizabeth
    8 years ago

    Nice to read your blog

  2. Vanessa
    8 years ago

    Learning music isn’t easy after learning notes . Sometimes you can fell like you don’t know a note
    and stop…Then start again but go slowly.Though you’ve studyed then you learn?