“Learn How to Read Music
Quickly & Easily… Guaranteed!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Incredible Course:

  • How to Read Music Notes – From sixteenth notes to full notes and every other length!
  • Timing – How to be your very own metronome
  • Tempo – How to match your play to the style of the piece
  • Volume & Dynamics – Nailing this one is the mark of a tue master
  • Special Instructions – Ties, repeats and fermatas, oh  my!

Of course, all of that you’d receive in any course on how to read music. Here’s the Speedy Music Reading “Secret Sauce:

  • The “Triple S” Method – This technique engages THREE senses, not just one or two, so you actually learn how to read music even faster.
  • “Read Music Now” Instant Application Exercises – Specially designed so you LEARN to read music instead of memorizing. Plus they help ‘lock in’ what you’ve learned so you don’t forget what you’ve learned and can actually use it tomorrow!
  • The “Instant Music Reader” Diagram –  Lets you know EXACTLY what’s coming in the music; it’s almost like you’re ‘predicting the future’.

You Have Nothing to Lose With the Speedy Music Reading
365 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

If you’re still not 100% sure that my proven techniques are exactly what you need to jumpstart your music reading and put the passion back in your music, let me put you completely at ease with my 365 Day NO RISK guarantee…

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Invest in Speedy Music Reading but can’t seem to learn how to read music faster and easier than you ever dreamed, just let me know within the first 365 days (that’s one whole year!), and I will immediately send you a full refund with my thanks for giving the program a try…

Normal Retail Price: $147.00
Digital Download Version: $39.97